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We are an easy stop, centrally located, along your journey through Illinois. Rich history is rooted here; whether you are traveling on Route 66 or wanting to walk in the footsteps of Abraham Lincoln before he was President. You can visit the County Seat in Lincoln. It is situated on Route 66 and is known for being the town that Abraham Lincoln christened with a Watermelon in 1853 as well as the first city named after Abraham Lincoln before his presidency. Then, a ride on Route 66 would not be complete without stopping in the quaint, historic Downtown Atlanta, or a scenic drive through the village of Elkhart/Elkhart Hill. Or come explore Mount Pulaski, home to the Mount Pulaski Courthouse. An original courthouse that was used on the 8th Judicial Circuit, where Abraham Lincoln traveled as a lawyer. These towns and more lie in the heart of Destination Logan County!


When visitors think of Illinois they often think of only Chicago, but there is so much more! Traveling through Logan County, the pace begins to slow, and you begin to see fields of open, endless harvest. You will also come across an array of small farming towns and villages, like Emden or Hartsburg, with populations only in the hundreds. This area’s history is of prairie lands with beautiful flowers, trees, and plants growing endlessly. Some of the richest soil in the world is located here. However, it is not just the soil that is rich. This farming/agriculture environment has yielded a unique culture and breed of hard-working individuals that possess great kindness, strength, resiliency, and determination. All traits that have been passed down for centuries. You meet generations of families that take pride in their farms, and communities, that have become not just their homes but also their life’s blood and joy.

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Alice Roate
Executive Director

Logan County

Top Attractions

  • The World’s Largest Covered Wagon
  • The Mill Museum on 66
  • The Lincoln Heritage Museum
  • Postville Courthouse
  • The Bunyon Giant


  • Awarded Tourism Attractions & Festivals Grant
  • Awarded Route 66 Grant

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